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Devon lash x

Classic lash course online

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Please purchase from the website and the link will be sent to your email. (Check your junk folder) 

Price £199

 Must be 16+ or you won’t be able to get insured 

Learn classic lash extensions from a complete beginner with our online course. Easy to follow and jam packed full of the relevant and useful information you need to get your lash empire started.  All of the course content is to be completed in the comfort of your OWN home. 

Whats included? 

-A starter kit 

-online training manual 

-video demonstrations 


-written assessments 


-Lash maps 

-Tutor support 

-Product discounts 

-Step by step guides 


Please follow the course in order and complete all the relevant work. Once your online training is completed you need to provide case studies of 3 sets of classic lash extensions. More information on case studies can be found in the course. You must also complete some written assessments aswell as a short video of you performing the treatment on a person. 


The course is fully accredited and insurable. You must perform a patch test on your case studies. 

Once you have purchased your course please email your address to so a starter kit can be sent to you. 

starter kit includes


-5ml adhesive 

-2x lash trays 



-lash tape 

-50 eye pads 

-100 micro brushes 

-50 mascara wands 

-lash maps 

-practise trays 

-practice lashes 

-pink box 

-100 glue rings 

-2x tweezers